Hotel Service Friesland

In Friesland you will find over 5.000 hotel rooms at various rates, ranging from budget hotels to chains. The city of Leeuwarden has over 700 hotel rooms available. The Leeuwarden hotels are within easy reach and centrally located in the city near congress venues, shopping, restaurants and railway station.


Would you like to receive more information? Please contact the Hotel Service Friesland:

Telephone +31 (0)58 2502098 or send an email to


Hotel Service Friesland:

  • makes sure that a substantial time before your congress, sufficient rooms are available by making block bookings
  • takes the entire hotel booking trajectory out of your hands
  • offers you the opportunity to link your reservation page with a logo or letterhead to your own congress site, where your guest may directly book his/her room for the respective congress or event

Frisians do everything just a little differently. Just a little more relaxed. Just a little more logical. Just a little more pleasant, somewhat more willful, but even more hospitable....

We do everything almost the same as the rest of the Netherlands, but all of these Frisian people together make Friesland entirely different.

Because of this, many people find our character so difficult to describe. This is why Escher is not merely an artist, Doutzen not merely a model and Sven not merely a skater, and our hotelservice nog merely a service. Just give us the opportunity and we will show you the enjoyable aspects of Friesland.